Road Salt Type C White (1 cubic yard – bagged)


Bulk Treated Road Salt is used by DOT, counties, cities, landscapers and snow professionals alike to help keep the roadways, highways and parking lots safe during winter weather. It is also treated with some Magnesium Chloride to reduce the freezing point and YPS the anti-caking agent when it is produced. This helps to prevent crusting and clogging in the spreading machines.


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Road Salt Type C is solar-evaporated salt produced naturally from brine in Utah’s Great Salt Lake. It is treated with yellow prussiate of soda (YPS) and calcium chloride to meet regional needs.

Bulk Salt Type C is solar evaporated salt produced naturally from near-saturated brine. It is impounded in open, shallow ponds where salt crystallizes through slow evaporation by absorption of solar heat and strong wind circulation. Morton Bulk Safe-T-Salt Type C is treated with yellow prussiate of soda (YPS) to prevent caking and calcium chloride to depress the freezing point at the stockpile.

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